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Tioga commission documents decision


Posted 2/27/18 (Tue)

Tioga commission documents decision

By Traci Papineau

Special meeting minutes from May 2017 were presented and approved at the Tioga City Commission meeting held Tuesday last week, to ensure phone calls made by Police Commissioner Tim Sundhagen to other commissioners concerning an employee termination are compliant under the open meeting laws.

City attorney Elizabeth Pendlay explained that in the course of supplying former police officer Monique Lopez requested public records, a question arose whether two phone calls made by Sundhagen to commissioners John Grubb and Heather Weflan, regarding their personal opinions on Lopez’s termination, would be considered a meeting.

The Attorney General’s office confirmed that it did constitute a meeting and required notice since it could be considered fact-gathering and a part of the decision-making process.

“Just so we are not in violation of any open record laws, the way that you remediate that is to address it, air it in public, make sure it is encapsulated in an accurate record, and recite the facts,” stated Pendlay. “The people of this council want to make sure they are fair and transparent and lawfully compliant.”

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