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Safe winter driving advice applies after storm, too

Posted 3/13/18 (Tue)

Safe winter driving advice applies after storm, too

By Jody Michael

Though no search-and-rescue efforts were necessary during last week’s snowstorm, Divide County Sheriff Lauren Throntveit said the storm is nonetheless a reminder for motorists to use caution -- both during the storm and after.

“We were sure the phone was going to ring at some point,” Throntveit said, but it didn’t. “It’s almost to the point of amazing.”

Throntveit said motorists had to contend with piles of snow on Crosby streets for much of Tuesday last week, as the city road department worked to keep streets open and useable even if they weren’t fully clear.

“People want to drive around and look around, and then sometimes they become part of the problem,” Throntveit said. “You get in the way of the payloaders moving the snow, because they’ve got to back up and watch for people.”

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