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Friends share their memories of John Andrist

Posted 1/23/18 (Tue)

Friends share their memories of John Andrist

By Cecile Wehrman

If you never got to know John Andrist, you missed out. Whether on the local, state or national level, John made an impression on the people with whom he labored to make better the City of Crosby, Divide County, the State of North Dakota, the industry of newspaper publishing and the protection of the First Amendment.

Following in John's footsteps as we do here at The Journal, it's impossible to be objective about the depth and breadth of John's legacy, but an array of people familiar with John's work and personality have offered their own reflections since his death last week.

Can it be an accident the number of men and women who report the benefit of John's mentorship, either directly, or through his example? Or the number of people who, out of their relationship with him, felt treasured, unique and called to meet the high standard of giving, service and loving that he modeled?

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