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Building is a heavy theme in top 2017 news

Posted 1/02/18 (Tue)

Building is a heavy theme in top 2017 news

By Jody Michael

As residents of Crosby and Divide County took time in 2017 to commemorate the past 100 years of building, they also got to work on the next 100 years.

The news in 2017 was filled with stories of building -- not just in the form of new structures, but also in efforts to improve or maintain strong community institutions, pursue new endeavors and increase quality of life.

That all happened despite some instability for the anchor industries of farming and ranching: One of the most severe droughts in recent memory reduced crop yields and threatened livestock. Oil has fared better, as daily production in the state climbed back above 1 million barrels and the rig count increased from 38 in January to 56 in October.

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