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Corrections, additions, subtractions

Creative license is a fancy way of saying I am a big fat liar. The truth is, in my columns, I lie to you all the time.

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A rare Fourth of July for us newspaper folk

I cannot remember a Fourth of July in the past 18 years that I had totally off from work.

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Welfare for the rich? Shame on us

As Congress decides who will be the winners and losers with its health care plan, I have some measure of guilt.

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Say, is it hot enough for you?

In Tucson, the temperatures are reaching 115 degrees. Going out in this heat is a production.

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Agency cannot dictate what is quoted from public talk

Laws about free speech apply to everyone.

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Hague church is unexpected delight for travelers

A compellingly beautiful display of religion and history has been preserved on the North Dakota prairie.

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The buck stops here -- or, better customer service

We better be treating the customers we have like the valuable individuals they are, or we cannot expect their loyalty.

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Trying to think like a rich man thinks

Billionaires are really not that different from millionaires, thousandaires and paupers: They all want more.

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Some last-minute tax help

You waited until the last minute, while your friends are already spending their refund checks on some new sports cars.

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Snitches need protection from overzealous officers

North Dakota has no required standards governing the use of confidential informants. We know this because of Andrew Sadek.

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