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One dreamer's measures choices: No, no, no, and no

Why I will vote against all four measures on the ballot in North Dakota this November.

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Digital divide is killing communities

We are so isolated within our own bubbles, and that makes us vulnerable to needing the sort of tribes we join online.

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Victims have fewer protections

If corroboration is the standard that must be met for sexual assault charges, almost no victim will see justice.

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Naval might is impressive to Plains folk

Our up-close look at naval and oceanographic technology in Norfolk, Va., was a marvel.

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Predators have no place to hide now

Survivors of sexual misconduct have been carrying their pain with them every day. Now, they are coming out of the shadows.

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Kavanaugh vote should not impact race

Heidi Heitkamp should stick to her gut rather than try to gauge whether her vote either way will impact her campaign for re-election.

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Watford City is capitalizing on its opportunities

None of its new public facilities would have been possible without oil.

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Ag, oil economies seem precarious

Two new articles make me worry for small towns like Crosby and Tioga, yet we have always managed to hang on somehow.

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Lack of news a campaign contribution?

When a supposed news outlet takes what amounts to a bribe for favorable coverage, it robs all media of legitimacy.

Posted 8/28/18 (Tue) read more »

Turning a surly attitude around

Sometimes there is no escaping the need to be plain old crotchety. Thus began my 10 days of dog-sitting.

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