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Looking for names on the Forbes 400

Forbes magazine reported the names of the 400 wealthiest Americans. I scanned the list but could not seem to find my name.

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The price of safety is often freedom

In the name of keeping you safe, excessive occupational licensing unknowingly makes your life more complex and more expensive.

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Something does not compute

Technology certainly makes our lives easier -- except when it stops working properly.

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Halloween is not just for kids

The fact that I am no longer a child does not stop me from dressing up.

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Thoughts on the ballot measures

Aside from electing candidates in the forthcoming election, we will be deciding five ballot measures.

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What next for punny man?

People ask what I am going to do now that I am moving to Arizona. I will give you the punny answer.

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Lessons from the movie theater

One of my great joys of living in North Dakota has been working at the local movie theater. I have learned some things from working there.

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Escape from the dysfunction, discord and disrespect

Sometimes I feel like I am starting to identify with Will McAvoy.

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An ailment a day keeps doctor away

Every day, I experience a new ache, strain or pain. I have had the common cold and the uncommon cold.

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Mama said there would be days like this

Have you noticed how many Days there are these days?

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