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Will Democrats cross over to spoil Republican gubernatorial race?

Democrats could easily decide which Republican will advance to the general election for governor of North Dakota.

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Frozen Four boosts blood pressure of casual hockey fan

Every sports enthusiast who wasn’t a hockey fan upon arrival at UND became one before graduating.

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The downside of the boom -- or, chickens home to roost

Did we act as good stewards of our resources, or did we build a house of cards?

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Free trade: Is it a blessing or a curse?

A funny thing came to my mind this week, and I want you to know it is perfectly OK with me if you find this too boring to continue.

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Pulitzer winners, governor candidates and rink burgers

Newspaper people from across the state will be descending on Crosby for the 130th annual convention.

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I have not begun to not begin

This week I’m going to give you the rest of my techniques for avoiding whatever you need to get done.

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American affluence; not always good

The persistent war in Washington cannot end without a truce which rejects the all-or-nothing mentality which continues to carry the day.

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Spare me your encouragement

I’m a contrarian by nature. Whatever the prevailing opinion is, I tend to take the opposite view.

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Uncle Matt left view of the world through his eyes

For our family, he was Uncle Matt. Sure, it was a little awkward to refer to someone 16 years your junior as Uncle, but that was Matt.

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The good, the bad and the icy

I’ve noticed that when something negative occurs, people respond in one of two ways.

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