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Call it whatever you want, visioning really does work

You only need look around any small North Dakota community to see the fruit of collective visioning.

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A special session now seems politically motivated

Pleas for a special session to deal with money issues went unheeded until now, when the men in charge are on their way out the door.

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Being a dad is no joking matter

John Joseph Bayer loved a good dad joke, and I have inherited this gene.

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Some things become trash, but others are treasures

This week, I am reminiscing about things.

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New UND logo a darn sight better than new name

Design complaints should be saved for the new license plates.

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I have a pun in the oven

The human brain is like a kitchen: You’ve always got plans cooking. Mostly what I’ve got cooking are puns.

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Perhaps God has a sense of humor

Security and freedom are both pretty important to us, and yet they always seem to be in conflict.

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Crosby is undergoing a true transformation this summer

Talk about a building year!

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Let this graduation commence

Every year, colleges across the nation pay big money to their commencement speakers. Why can’t that be me?!

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Dairy, hogs deserve a new chance in North Dakota

There is nothing about family farming today that resembles the family farm of my grandfather’s era, or yours.

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